Task Warrior - Preventing duplicated recurrent tasks

To keep track of my tasks I use a tool called Task Warrior. It’s a command line tools. Therefor a perfect fit for me. One issue that did arise: Recurrent tasks. Basically every task that need to re-run over a regular period of time. The problem is when this type of task is synced onto different workstations. With taskd you can share all tasks betweens hosts. So when the same tasks is recurrent, it will be created on each of the different workstation.

Using OpenWRT as Router

cheaper Router as a general problem Some years ago,I had a very cheap router. A TP-Link DIR 600. The router made my very unhappy. For several reasons. First, the software that was operating on the Router were very limited. How limited? I was able only to set a few firewall rules (DNAT for example) on my own. When I recall correctly, i wasn’t able to redirect any port. Second, the little insight to the devices I had.

News about the HipChat breach that confused me

This morning I got a info about a security breach at Atlassian. To be precise, HipChat. The “HipChat security notice”. The news page I was reading additionally pointed out a security vulnerability in Atlassians confluence. I got a chill in this moment. Somehow I got this wrong. I understood there would be a new vulnerability. Because of a bad Internet connection I wasn’t able to the entry article(just got the header).

Notes about Hugo

Hugo allows you to get very easy a new theme. Sometimes this new theme have some option you don’t want. For example:In this theme there is by default two additional menus. One for tags, for for categories. That’s something nice. However, both menu had a very long list, that than needed scrolling bar. The scrolling bar broken than the design of the theme. My fix for this was disable the two menu for categories and tags.


I attended the 33c3 in Hamburg. A awesome event, as always. One of the slogan: “use more bandwidth!”. To display the current amount of data that has been sent a dashboard (Note: Down to this time of the year) was created. I want to have something similar. So I started digging into the dash board while be on the congress. Which is running on grafana. Grafana What is grafana?

Happy new year 2017

I wish everyone a happy new year! best regards Akendo

A valueable Link

I’ll just drop down this link https://aeon.co/essays/how-the-internet-flips-elections-and-alters-our-thoughts I like to highlight this: … namely that powerful corporations were constantly looking for, and in many cases already applying, a wide variety of techniques for controlling people without their knowledge. It gives you hint what to expect. best regards Akendo

Links about Security

This is going to be a collection of security related Links. Programming A Hearthbleed in Rust… TL;DR Just because you’re using a type save language don’t mean you can’t leak plaintext. This applies to Rust (Tedbleed) as Java (JetLeak).However the type safeness would reduce the impact of the vulnerability. https://tonyarcieri.com/would-rust-have-prevented-heartbleed-another-look How Hearthbleed would be in Rust. http://www.tedunangst.com/flak/post/heartbleed-in-rust Tony Arcier takes the time to disect the issue and comes to the conclution that rust would have prevented heartbleed.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! Best regards Akendo

[Linux]Rate limit a connection with iptables

On a quick note I had to limit the amount of packages that was directed to a single port. Usually this can be configure within the boundaries of the application. However this was an UDP based application and I wasn’t aware of any configuration parameters what would have allow this. So I jumped to the firewall and limit the rate via iptables: iptables -A FORWARD -s -d \ -p udp \ -i eth0 \ -o virbr0 \ --dport 9987\ -m state --state NEW \ -m limit --limit 5/second \ -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -s 0.