Offensive Conference day one

I’ve attend the Offensive Conference 2019 in Berlin. A in-depth technical security conference. What does in-depth imply? Exploit and technical talks with working exploits. You’re getting some stuff at entering On the following page I keep track of some notes: Talks I attend the first half of the presentations. One pattern I saw across was the heavy usage of fuzzer. Keynote: Alex Ionescu First talk was from a Alex Ionescu about reversing without reversing.

Book:"Click Here to Kill Everybody"

Bruce Schneier has published another Book with the title: “Click Here to Kill Everybody”. He made a video talk on Google about this: have fun!

Android Multi User

Just on a quick note: Android have a ‘multiple’ User features. The idea is simple and like in Windows. Different Users can share the same device. However, this feature is broken. The initial creation of a new User renders the phone useless till a reboot. Followed by a odd reboot cycle of several times. It took some time till switching was working and does each time have a slow down.