DNS over VPN for Android

I’ve some issues with DNS in Android. It’s quite hard to teach Android to use a different DNS server than it’s default one. It seems like that is hard wired into the system. However, it’s possible to use a VPN tunnel to point to a custom DNS server instead. dns66 is a tool that allows to set custom servers. It should block traffic, but so far this did not work that well.

Offensive Conference day two

Updated Analysis of PatchGuard on Windows RS4: Is the Mouse Finally Caught? by Luc Reginato Kernel patch protection (no one calls it this way). His diagram is over-simplfied. There are able to use static analysis. This talk is very in-depth and out of my domain of experience. PatchGuard consist of three components. It seems that there is only a 4% to occure. But it’s hard for me to make sense of this.