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13.05.2020 - link drop

How to enable SSH access using a GPG key for authentication | Opensource.

Docker build does not build or very slow

When you’re running a docker build command and it takes forever to build, you might have to check for the context of your buildfile.

01.05.2020 - link drop

media.ccc.de - What The Fax?!

Vacation Time

Currently, I stayed put. Over the course of the last months I’ve been very busy.

What I Have Learned Today

Today, I have learned that when you’re specialised into a field, a game or sport that requires you to spend much time in practising, you’re going to develop an intuition.

16.03.2020 - link drop

Slack Bug Allowed Automating Account Takeover Attacks

08.03.2020 - link drop

Docker healthchecks: why you shouldn’t use curl or iwr Browsers, web sites, and user tracking [LWN.

07.03.2020 - link drop

Philippe Laulheret - Intro to Hardware Hacking - DEF CON 27 Conference - YouTube

04.03.2020 - link drop

CVE-2020-1938: Ghostcat vulnerability

01.03.2020 - link drop

My productivity app is a single .txt file