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Kernel Exploitation Part Two

This is the secound part of my notes from the lecture about kernel exploitation of pwn.

Kernel Exploitation Part One

This post reflects my notes and additional thoughts about the first lecture about kernel exploitation of pwn.

30.01.2021 - link drop

The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More | Mark Rober | TEDxPenn

Kernel Exploitation Sidenotes

Because I already knew a bit of hardware-related operation and you often find code statements like the following:

28.01.2021 - link drop

How hard should I push myself? - Superorganizers - Every Still Alive - Astral Codex Ten


Today was a quite busy day with minor things. I’ve fixed the Hugo related things and updated the contact page to be reachable again.

Fix Mathjs in Hugo

With the change to shortcodes, Hugo seemed to have drop support for inline HTML code in markdown.

Kernel Exploitation Intro

One of my plans was to learn about security[0]. My ToDo list is massively full of different topics I want to put some attention on.

Review CW4

This week the first difficulties in writing every arise. Basically, I’m missing the necessary time to get things done.

The defining narrative

In this post[0], I wanted to think about feedback. While I was writing on it, I notice how I was slowly drifting.