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21.03.2021 - link drop

Kira McLean | What I Use Now Instead Of Google

Review CW11

Currently, I’ve halted most of these project to favor to get my CI/CD back.

Rust Puns

A friend made a question about some rust puns on Twitter[0].

Dependency Hell

Why is the CI/CD project blocked? Because my server I was running things on broke, and I’m left with a year-old laptop.

Habit Score

For long, I’ve used the Habit Tracker[0] to keep track of my daily routines.

Broken SPI Chip

I’ve been working on my CI/CD system and because the firmware update went bad I had to dissemble the device and attach to the SPI Chip.

Review CW10

Another week has gone by, and I did not get that much done as I was hoping for.


To see how much people reading this blog I utilize goaccess[0].

10.03.2021 - link drop

Should I quit video games? How to be more productive without forcing yourself Why There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Startup Within a Big Company’ | by Hunter Walk | Feb, 2021 | Marker You Should Keep a Journal | Saylornotes

About Gaming

I’m reading a text about quitting video games[0]. I think he has some good points, but makes also quite generic statement.