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08.03.2020 - link drop

Docker healthchecks: why you shouldn’t use curl or iwr Browsers, web sites, and user tracking [LWN.

07.03.2020 - link drop

Philippe Laulheret - Intro to Hardware Hacking - DEF CON 27 Conference - YouTube

04.03.2020 - link drop

CVE-2020-1938: Ghostcat vulnerability

01.03.2020 - link drop

My productivity app is a single .txt file

29.02.2020 - link drop

My productivity app is a single .txt file

28.02.2020 - link drop

[2014] KVM Security Improvements by Andrew Honig - YouTube <https://www.

26.02.2020 - link drop

Overview of Linux Kernel Security Features - Linux.com

Run nmap without root privileges

Currently, I have to run a lot of Nmap a network scanner for a client.

24.02.2020 - link drop

Have the Boomers Pinched Their Children’s Futures? - with Lord David Willetts - YouTube How to reduce ‘attention residue’ in your life - BBC Worklife

Calendar sync via command line

I’m currently revising how I’m using my tools and try to removed distractions.