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My Blog

So this is now my Blog. For ages now i planed to made a blog. Here some thinks about it.
I will post so much as possible, when the time it allowing. Goal of this blog: This blog should cover mainly documentation about my work and problem of the everyday working. About me: My Name is Alex and I’m a System Administers in a small company Germany Berlin. Since August I’m working full time. My work is not limited to System Administration only,  also i working as Python Developer. My working task covering almost everything that is happening in the company. Work: My main working software is Linux. I take care about the Mail and Web Server. This all running in a Virtual environment hosted by Xen. More detail about this in a later post. But also lots of small gems of the IT world like Git, Jabber, Asterisk, Django and Postgresql. Also some bad one, like Orace 10g or Windows Server 2003. But overall it’s a dream job.