06.02.2020 - link drop

Kubernetes 1.15 security changes | Google Cloud Blog The security state of KVM - Security [LWN.

04.02.2020 - link drop

Today’s link drop is quite long because I’ve collected over the last day’s much news.

03.02.2020 - link drop

Tales of an aging gamer: Why don’t I pick up a controller as often as I used to?

01.02.2020 - link drop

How to Do 90% of What Plugins Do (With Just Vim) - YouTube Pull-based CD Pipelines for Security - Faun - Medium

23.01.2020 - link drop

grsecurity - The Life of a Bad Security Fix

22.01.2020 - link drop

Is Anything Real? - YouTube [DE}Gehirn: So könnt ihr versuchen, negative Erlebnisse zu vergessen › ze.

08.01.2020 - link drop

I Was Google’s Head of International Relations. Here’s Why I Left.

02.01.2020 - link drop

Don’t Shave That Yak! | Seth’s Blog On Managed Code Performance

What I have Learned

Today, I have learned about the idea of concept creep. This is the phenomena when a special concept exists, but the core concept will be extended to fit different matters or to be more generally applicable.

16.12.2019 - link drop

Does e-money make you spend more? - BBC Future