09.12.2019 - link drop

The issue the author is pointing out it is something that I learned with 12 or maybe 13. Just simply that notation that grades are numbers that were read out of a table where your points are listed. When you have lots of points the grade will be better.

But how are these points being generated? Based on the answer you give within those tests. However, most teachers do not mind really to test you for understanding, but rather for the ability from you to remember things.

The implication was that I start to answer the tests out of memory without doing much of any learning or preparation. Even math was that simple because most of the time it was just writing down the example out of the homework. Most of the homework results were discusses in the lesson after. So not much work had to be done here.

This was working well. My grades weren’t high, but it didn’t matter for me or anyone else anyway. When it becomes obvious that grades are not a measurement of your intellect, it has a great effect on you. When you attend school for such a stupid thing, why is attendance necessary at all? This gave the school a sense of being pointless.