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Nation-sponsored hackers likely carried out hostile takeover of rival group’s servers | Ars Technica Semiconductor Engineering .:. Semiconductor Engineering: 5nm Vs. 3nm A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop - Scientific American

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Why [‘1’, ‘7’, ‘11’].map(parseInt) returns [1, NaN, 3] in Javascript - Medium Tools for profiling Rust

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Attribution is not Transitive – Tribune Publishing Cyber Attack as a Case Study – Robert M. Lee Missing Link: Technologie-Rekuperation, oder: Wie subversive Technologien absorbiert werden | heise online AI “Stop Button” Problem - Computerphile - YouTube

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Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

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Rust: A Language for the Next 40 Years - Carol Nichols A Demonstration of Stagefright-like Mistakes 4 cognitive biases you should be aware of How to Increase Productivity? The Ultimate Psychological Guide

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Stop Procrastinating With This Research-Based Psychological Method 8 powerful ways to overcome thinking errors and cognitive biases

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You Procrastinate Because Of Emotions, Not Laziness. Regulate Them To Stop Procrastinating!

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Ad Tech GDPR complaint is extended to four more European regulators - Fix AdTech

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Human Factor Security: Meadow Ellis

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100% renewables doesn’t equal zero-carbon energy, and the difference is growing | Energy Revealed: air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body’ The Evidence Is Strong: Air Pollution Seems to Cause Dementia | WIRED Replacing Google Analytics with GoAccess Linux Kernel Prior to 5.0.8 Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Toward an Information Operations Kill Chain - Lawfare Misinformation has Stages – MisinfoCon A meta-analysis of studies about debunking offers a few tips for fact-checkers – Poynter