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What Makes Some People More Resilient Than Others - The New York Times

What I have Learned

Today, I have learned about the idea of concept creep. This is the phenomena when a special concept exists, but the core concept will be extended to fit different matters or to be more generally applicable.

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Baby Talk: Decoding The Secret Language Of Babies Episode 30| Talking Infosec to Non-Infosec Folks - F-Secure Blog What happens when a city bans cars from its streets?

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Pardon the Interruptions Guys, We Have A Problem: How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men The problem with metrics is a big problem for AI · fast.

What I have learned

Today, I have learned that emotion can not be detected reliable.

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What I Have Learned

Today, I have learned that when you enforce tidiness upon people, their will not be more effective or the opposite they become ineffective.