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Fear of Failure, Overanalyzing, and Escaping into Fantasy

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The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards The surprising habits of original thinkers | Adam Grant - YouTube [](https://www.

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Feeling vs Knowing - by hermitsings - hermitsings’s Stop Nitpicking in Code Reviews gm techniques - How do I learn to become a good GM?

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The gender biases that shape our brains - BBC Future

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Tools and Jewels

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SensePost | Tip toeing past android 7’s network security configuration DOM Elements – React

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‘Hidden Property Abusing’ Allows Attacks on Node.js … Abusing Hidden Properties to Attack the Node.

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Selfish vs. Selfless: Self-Promotion in Communities - The Bootstrapped Founder I wish I could write this well | RoyalSloth

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What is two-way TLS?. TLS and its predecessor, SSL are… | by Ben Pournader | Medium