Category CI/CD

Blogging on the Phone

Had finally some time to figure out a good process for blogging on the phone.


I’ve got some time to get back to CI/CD project. At this state I need a way to trigger the update the blog sources from git.


Pineview is back online! After some fighting with the routing I got part of my services back online.

Dependency Hell

Why is the CI/CD project blocked? Because my server I was running things on broke, and I’m left with a year-old laptop.

Broken SPI Chip

I’ve been working on my CI/CD system and because the firmware update went bad I had to dissemble the device and attach to the SPI Chip.


With my affords to fix pineview, I’m in the situation to think about what I want to have for a CI/CD.

Restoring Pineview

Pineview was my old production server at home. It did run many services like git, and I planned to use it be part of my CI/CD.